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Friends Of Norden House Surgery

The Friends of Winslow Health Centre and Norden House Surgery were inaugurated as an independent voluntary organisation (Registered Charity No 296089) in February 1987 whose purpose is to support and raise funds for the benefit of patients and staff.

There is very limited NHS funding for capital costs for equipment and associated running costs. Consequently a principal activity of the Friends is fundraising and provision of equipment not otherwise available from the Local Primary Care Trust.

Whilst the Health Centre and surgery are well provided for with necessary and essential equipment, there is an ‘ever present’ need to replace, update and enhance current capability and therefore an ongoing requirement for fundraising.

In the last 5 years the Friends has raised £63,000 of which over half has been spent on new clinical equipment.

In addition to medical equipment the Friends have provided Toys and seating for the waiting rooms in the past.

Who are the Friends?

The Friends of Winslow Health Centre and Norden House Surgery are all patients of the Norden House Surgery who wish to support the practice by fundraising to purchase equipment. All of the Friends are volunteers who are involved in fundraising activity from manning stalls to attending Committee meetings.

If you are interested in supporting the work of the Friends in any way, please ask to speak to Noel Ratcliffe, Practice Manager, who can provide you with more information and put you in touch with the relevant people.

Some of the Equipment Purchased

The Friends of Winslow Health Centre and Norden House Surgery are an independent voluntary organisation whose purpose is to support and raise funds for the benefit of patients and staff.

In the past the ‘Friends’ have purchased for the use of staff and patients the following items of equipment:


1 ECG Machine costing £2137.

An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a graphic produced by an electrocardiograph, which records the electrical activity of the heart over time.


6 Pulse Oximeters costing £195.00 each.

A pulse oximeter is a medical device that indirectly measures the oxygen saturation of a patient’s blood (as opposed to measuring oxygen saturation directly through a blood sample) and changes in blood volume in the skin. It is often attached to a medical monitor so staff can see a patient’s oxygenation at all times.


2 Digital Blood Pressure Monitors costing £89.95 each.

A blood pressure monitor is a device used to measure blood pressure, comprising an inflatable cuff to restrict blood flow, and electronic equipment to measure the pressure.  


10 Ear Thermometers costing £34.00 each.


1 Syringe Driver costing £735.38.

A syringe driver is a small infusion pump, used to gradually administer small amounts of fluid (with or without medication) to a patient.

The most common use of syringe drivers is in palliative care, to continuously administer painkillers and anti sickness drugs. This prevents periods during which medication levels in the blood are too high or too low, and avoids the use of multiple tablets (especially in people who have difficulty swallowing).    


2 Nebulisers costing £99.00 each.

In medicine, a nebulizer is a device used to administer medication to people in forms of a liquid mist to the airways. It is commonly used in treating cystic fibrosis, asthma, and other respiratory diseases.


1 Treatment Couch costing £315.00.


1 Examination Light with Mobile 5-Castor Base costing £214.00.


1 Stainless Steel Multipurpose Dressing Trolley costing £240.00.


1 Defibrillator Costing £2820.00.

Defibrillation is the definitive treatment for life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias. Defibrillation consists of delivering a therapeutic dose of electrical energy to the affected heart with a device called a defibrillator. This shocks the heart muscle, terminates the arrhythmia, and allows normal sinus rhythm to be re-established by the body.

To raise the necessary funding to purchase the above equipment takes considerable effort on the part of the ‘Friends’.

All at Norden House Surgery and Winslow Health Centre are very grateful for their continued support.

If you are interested in helping the ‘Friends’ with their fundraising or would just like to know more please contact Noel Ratcliffe, Practice Manager on 01296 713434 or noel.ratcliffe@nhs .net