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An Apology Regarding Online Access.

Posted on August 24th, 2020


We had hoped to have finished this piece of work by now but unfortunately it has proven to be more complex than at first thought. We apologise for the difficulties this has caused.

So why has this happened?

It was already a large task, over 7000 of our patients are registered for online access.

We have never done this before and believed it would be a relatively straightforward task, hence our early optimism.

What had seemed a straightforward administrative task has become complicated because as it turns out a large number of the e-mails we have on account for patients are out of date. We rely heavily on patients updating  us on this information but in this case a number of patients have a dedicated e-mail just for patient access and when sending out registration details we have had to be sure that the e-mail we use is accurate, current and in some cases work out which of 2 or 3 we might need to use. This might feel overzealous on our part, but Data Protection Regulation requires us to do this. As a consequence we have had to go into each individual record and check the contact details before using them. This has turned the task into a manual rather than automated process, hence the delays.

So what are we doing about it?

We have six members of staff working on it at the moment and are progressing as quickly as possible. We were working alphabetically A to Z but have now started to work from the other end of the alphabet as well. As I write this we have reached F&G and at the other end V&W.

If you believe you have been missed, let us know on the e-mail .

Please bear in mind this is being done in addition to all the normal administration that goes on in General Practice and as we come out of lockdown we are also having to deal with a backlog of routine referrals, requests for tests and investigations and other clinical administration as the NHS starts to return to routine work.

I believe some are having difficulties setting up new accounts and I would encourage you to use the dedicated e-mail and we will help where we can.

If you wish to discuss this further please contact Noel the Practice Manager on

(July 20)